Calgary Magician playing with Cards

Interactive Comedy Magic

“Kenley Browne’s humorous and theatrical live entertainment transforms your ordinary event into an extraordinary one!”

The power, comedy, and emotion witnessed during a Kenley Browne interactive stage show is something everyone must witness! Allow us to create the perfect magic stage show for you and he guarantees it will captivate your audience. Allow Browne to reach out to new prospects, stimulate your employees, or even create a show which will help you to immortalize your next celebration.

This package is an ideal solution for after dinner entertainment, Corporate Banquets, Tradeshows, Schools, and any larger venue. Because Browne brings award winning professionalism to every event he attends, his creativity and enthralling personality will leave your guests overjoyed and captivated. Invest in a Kenley Browne Stage Show and help inhance your company’s image or service before it’s too late. This experience is magical & highly interactive and as with all packages this “Interactive Stage Magic Experience” will be custom created to suit your event and needs!

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Recommended for: Corporate Banquets, Stampede events, Tradeshows, International Stages, Schools, Formal Functions, and Fairs.
(This show is very versitle and can be performed pretty much anywhere! This makes our Interactive Stage Magic Package the perfect worry free solution.)

Audience Size: This style of entertainment can suit intimate gatherings to audiences of 25,000 guests or more.

Length: 15 minutes to 1 1/2 hours
(The length is very flexiable and greatly depends on the needs of your company.)

Other Notes: The Stage Magic Package has been designed to require very little staging requirments. The show is custom created for your company to pack small but play BIG!